racing car simulators

racing car simulators with force feedback steering

great tracks and great cars

At The Simulation Centre, you can have an extreme motorsport experience at a fraction of the cost of running a competition car! Even better, it’s perfect for amateur and professional drivers to sharpen skills, with access to all the tracks, current and historic car series that you love, without the risk!

There are a very wide range of tracks and vehicles to choose from on the racing car simulators. 
Some tracks include Bathurst, Monaco, Silverstone and more.

The racing car simulators offer a wide range of cars to choose from, from supercars, muscle cars, classic and historic! These racing car simulators are the most extreme state of the art Motorsport Simulators that include professional quality racing controls. The program we use is Project Cars 2.

To hire a racing car simulator call us on 9494 2717. Click here for detailed pricing information!

Please note that our Racing Car Simulators no longer have gear shifts.

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