Amos Lam

Meet our new Ninja Warrior Coach Amos Lam!

Amos is ranked in the top 30 of Australian Ninja Warriors, and is currently training to get air time on the next season of Australian Ninja Warriors.

Amos Lam will be overseeing our Ninja Warrior Coaching Program with his wealth of experience. Amos will also be coaching our Elite Squad for 2019.

Bringing to the table his studies, including being an SMA Level 1 Sports Trainer, also having completed BSc Exercise, Sports and Rehabilitation Science and BSc Health Science.

With Amos’ help, the kids will be Ninja Warriors in no time!


Jade Hawley

We are super excited to welcome our new Ninja Warrior Trainer, Jade Hawley!

Jade is currently the Head Coach of Personal Training at Resurgence Training Centre in Port Kennedy, and frequently competes in the Ninja Challenge League at the Perth Ninja Academy.

Jades experience as a highly qualified fitness professional will help our Ninjas develop strength and endurance, ensuring they can compete at the highest level.

Welcome Jade!

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Trent Rachow

Trent began his training with the Australian Parkour Association six years ago. He regularly attended classes and gained experience in a wide range of techniques.

Since being invited to start instructing, he took a ground-up approach to learning how to teach parkour and adapt it to each individual's skill level. Starting as an assistant, he made his way up to instructor level within a couple of years.

Instructing parkour has also brought Trent a wide range of experiences, including traveling to Adelaide for an instructor intensive, instructing at schools and with government programs.

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Sebastian Hince Brown

Sebastian has trained with Perth Parkour for five years. He regularly attends classes and is continuing to develop his teaching skills through workshops supported by the Department of Local Government and Sport and Recreation, WA.

Recently having completed a workshop in Mental Health First Aid and attending a workshop with Aspen Coaching. Sebastian is an expert in joint articulation and joint integrity.

In Sebastian’s spare time he is either training or conditioning his body to handle the stresses of parkour. When not in training he is resting and enjoying the company of his friends and family.


Tiani Perkins

Tiani is an experienced dancer and cheerleader performing at International Level over the last 12 years. She has accomplished Level 5 in Acrobatic Arts which encompasses elements from dance, gymnastics, calisthenics, strength and conditioning. All of which are applied in our Ninja Warrior program.

Tiani has undergone extensive training in Autism – Recognition of Behaviours, Diagnosing Behaviours, Understanding the Appropriate Course of Action for Behaviours, Physical Restraint Training and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Training. Tiani teaches the Brightstar Warriors class.

She is currently studying a Bachelor of Education Degree at ECU. Tiani enjoys the company of her family and friends whilst not teaching or studying.

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