This is our famous Ninja Warrior Class, transformed into an exciting monthly competition! It calls upon endurance based curriculum with the excitement and discipline of obstacle training, building strength, grit, self-esteem, and learning to love fitness.

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Put your monkey skills to the test as you take down obstacles in time trials.  Ninja Warrior will push you to develop more advanced muscular strength, muscular endurance, mobility, problem solving skills and confidence. Ninja Warrior consists of important elements to develop the ultimate warrior being, stretching, burning muscles and obstacle movement training.  

It is an important component of Ninja Warrior to stretch and burn muscles to allow stronger stability and bone development in order to safely complete the obstacles without injury. Ninja Warrior will result in your child developing strength and fitness at a level ready to challenge a Ninja Warrior course in competition style.

For every participant and spectator download the Ninja Master App Today! There is a cost to the app. Keep up to date with Live Scores as the competition runs.


Our 15th of November Competition has been split into two separate events, running on the 15th and 22nd of November. This is to ensure shorter wait times between runs and a better experience for all competitors! These competitions are a qualifier for the Australian Ninja Games, hosted in Brisbane in April of 2020, and the Ultimate Ninja Athletes Association Games held in the USA in August of 2020 in Las Vegas. Good luck to all competitors!

Age is determined on how old they are on August 1, 2019 for ALL age groups.

ie. if you were 8 on August 1, 2019 you compete in under 9's you will need to compete on 22 November 2019.

ie. if you were 9 on August 1, 2019 you compete in under 9's and remain in this category until 1 August 2020 - you will need to compete on 22 November 2019.

ie. if you were 10 on August 1, 2019 you compete in Under 11’s on 15 November 2019.

Australian Ninja Games UNAA Final in South Australia October 2019 - Information Below!

Adults -

Kids -

  • Location: SA Base Camp - 3 Brandwood Street, Royal Park, South Australia 5014

  • Phone: 08 7226 0533

  • Your hosts: Nicole and Luke Williams

  • Base Camp will be open until 12 noon on Friday for Obstacle Training

  •  The CBD is located only 20 minutes away from SA Base Camp. 

  •  Suggested accommodation options: Quest Port Adelaide, Lakes Resort

  •  Caravan Parks – Big 4 - WestBeach

  •  Your coach will be Amos Lam.

  • The competition will be run as a UNAA event with a run, and then top % will go onto Final Run.

  • Should you wish to view the adults on the Saturday including Amos Lam entry is by gold coin donation.

  • Team shirts will be handed out before your departure. Once you have purchased your competition ticket from SA Base Camp you will also receive a ANG Shirt.

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