The Simulation now has available 12 fun unique indoor rock climbing walls to climb.  Enjoy a family day out climbing, birthday party, corporate team building, sports team windup, youth excursion and much more!

The indoor rock climbing walls are perfect if you are seeking some fun indoor fitness and/or quality time with family and friends aged 4+.  We offer activities such as the Fireman's Ladder, The Spaghetti, The Maze, The Plumbers Pipes, Speed Walls, The Leap of Faith and more. Our staff are fully trained and the indoor rock climbing walls feature fail safe hydraulic auto belays which means no climbing buddy is needed.

The Simulation Centre’s indoor rock climbing walls have many benefits such as:

·      Building friendships, family and colleague relationships

·      Motivating individuals to take on new challenges and increasing one’s confidence

·      Breaking comfort zones as taking a team outside of an office/classroom setting and exposing them to new experiences will encourage them to think outside of their normal routine

·      Reducing symptoms of depression and having some fun whilst climbing.

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