Team building activities can be a fun and interactive way to encourage skill building and communication through group participation in a more laid back environment. By taking your team out of the office it encourages skills that may be difficult to bring out in the hustle of a busy workplace setting.

Whether its a team from the office, a sport or a social setting, The Simulation Centre has a great program for your team.

Our facilities include a wide range of physical and simulated activities that are sure to provide great fun to your team on their day out.

Our soon to be installed climbing wall is only a few short weeks away! This is a great way to encourage qualities such as leadership, teamwork, and trust as everyone works there way to the top!

We also have two sports simulators that allows users to participate in 12 different sports of their choice to see who’s got the skills to succeed. Or if you cant make up your mind we also have a golf simulator where you can play 18 holes without the miles of walking or compete to see who has the longest drive.

All of these activities are a great way to bring your team together to develop team roles and skills to create better relationships for the long term benefits for your team.

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