The Simulation Centre offers recreational and leisure activities for persons with a disability.

The centre offers the following activities:

  • Slot cars, an 8 lane scaletrix track, WA’s largest commercial track.
  • 9D Cinema with wind, rain, snow, bubbles and more.
  • Multisport simulators with baseball, cricket bowling, soccer, ice hockey, basketball, zombie dodgeball, carnival games, NFL and more;
  • Racing Car simulators
  • Golf Simulators
  • The Gamers Den

Setting a client goal based activities can be often difficult.  There is hidden talent amongst our persons, sometimes the light suddenly turns on.  Someone once said to me "we have tried many things to get them moving, and why have we only just found you!

The client we speak of has a concentration span of generally 2 minutes, fidgets, and has scattered eye movement.  Not really interested in anything in life! - Sound familiar!

Within several minutes we had positive engagement of the client - playing on the sports simulators.  Not only was the client kicking and throwing balls, but moving through the touchscreen format with simple ease.      The client played for 1 hour on the sports simulators, had a total workout, was positively engaged and couldn't wait to come back again.  Nor were they interested in leaving!

The use of the simulators get people up and moving indoors rather than sitting down.  There is a mix of sport options for players of all abilities. It’s easy to use.  The touchscreen allows users to pick from a selection of 12 sports and different player levels.  You are not fixed to the one sport for the whole hour, you have the ability to play all 12 sports in the hour.  

''How do you motivate people to do more exercise?

It's a blend of entertainment mixed with exercise that has to be beneficial.''

Clients have responded to the sensory environment in many ways;
"Higher motivation of physical movement, social engagement in simple easy challenges, verbal communication outcomes, goal based environment, sensory exposure, sheer delight and laughter, greater confidence and movement we have not seen before".

The charge for persons with a is $15.00 per person for 1 hour of play, add a movie ride in it’s an extra $2.50.

  • Café available
  • Wheelchair and disabled access parking
  • Bus parking and drop off right at the front door
  • Disability toilet
  • Airconditioned
  • Safe away from busy public traffic areas

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