Eight lanes of glory . . .

. . . . eight lanes of blissful adrenaline surging speed . . . . wild intense crashes . . . . rushing to repair the damages . . . . winning by a fender.  Imagine the petrol fumes, the roaring, cheering crowds. The Simulation Centre now offers amazing super fast slot cars.  What a thrill!!  A nostalgic experience on a 12 metre track, looping, twisting and turning back on itself, racing your friends and loved ones, turning them into fast enemies and opponents.

Come down to The Simulation Centre in Bibra Lake and you can race around our 12 by 3 metre slot car track, eight cars to choose from, or supply your own.  Track your lap times electronically and compare them with your opponents.  Maximize your speed on the straights and drift the corners, but don’t let your back end veer too wide or you’ll end up as twisted jagged metal.  Loosen up your trigger finger and experience a true racing venture at The Simulation Centre!!!

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