Indoor Rock Climbing Fun

The Simulation now has available 12 fun unique indoor rock climbing walls to climb.  Enjoy a family day out climbing, birthday party, corporate team building, sports team windup, youth excursion and much more!

The indoor rock climbing walls are perfect if you are seeking some fun indoor fitness and/or quality time with family and friends aged 4+.  We offer activities such as the Fireman's Ladder, The Spaghetti, The Maze, The Plumbers Pipes, Speed Walls, The Leap of Faith and more. Our staff are fully trained and the indoor rock climbing walls feature fail safe hydraulic auto belays which means no climbing buddy is needed.

The Simulation Centre’s indoor rock climbing walls have many benefits such as:

·      Building friendships, family and colleague relationships

·      Motivating individuals to take on new challenges and increasing one’s confidence

·      Breaking comfort zones as taking a team outside of an office/classroom setting and exposing them to new experiences will encourage them to think outside of their normal routine

·      Reducing symptoms of depression and having some fun whilst climbing.

So what are you waiting for? Book now on 9494 2717.

Building a Better Team for 2018

Team building activities can be a fun and interactive way to encourage skill building and communication through group participation in a more laid back environment. By taking your team out of the office it encourages skills that may be difficult to bring out in the hustle of a busy workplace setting.

Whether its a team from the office, a sport or a social setting, The Simulation Centre has a great program for your team.

Our facilities include a wide range of physical and simulated activities that are sure to provide great fun to your team on their day out.

Our soon to be installed climbing wall is only a few short weeks away! This is a great way to encourage qualities such as leadership, teamwork, and trust as everyone works there way to the top!

We also have two sports simulators that allows users to participate in 12 different sports of their choice to see who’s got the skills to succeed. Or if you cant make up your mind we also have a golf simulator where you can play 18 holes without the miles of walking or compete to see who has the longest drive.

All of these activities are a great way to bring your team together to develop team roles and skills to create better relationships for the long term benefits for your team.

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Awesome Sensory and Social Engagement Fun

The Simulation Centre offers recreational and leisure activities for persons with a disability.

The centre offers the following activities:

  • Slot cars, an 8 lane scaletrix track, WA’s largest commercial track.
  • 9D Cinema with wind, rain, snow, bubbles and more.
  • Multisport simulators with baseball, cricket bowling, soccer, ice hockey, basketball, zombie dodgeball, carnival games, NFL and more;
  • Racing Car simulators
  • Golf Simulators
  • The Gamers Den

Setting a client goal based activities can be often difficult.  There is hidden talent amongst our persons, sometimes the light suddenly turns on.  Someone once said to me "we have tried many things to get them moving, and why have we only just found you!

The client we speak of has a concentration span of generally 2 minutes, fidgets, and has scattered eye movement.  Not really interested in anything in life! - Sound familiar!

Within several minutes we had positive engagement of the client - playing on the sports simulators.  Not only was the client kicking and throwing balls, but moving through the touchscreen format with simple ease.      The client played for 1 hour on the sports simulators, had a total workout, was positively engaged and couldn't wait to come back again.  Nor were they interested in leaving!

The use of the simulators get people up and moving indoors rather than sitting down.  There is a mix of sport options for players of all abilities. It’s easy to use.  The touchscreen allows users to pick from a selection of 12 sports and different player levels.  You are not fixed to the one sport for the whole hour, you have the ability to play all 12 sports in the hour.  

''How do you motivate people to do more exercise?

It's a blend of entertainment mixed with exercise that has to be beneficial.''

Clients have responded to the sensory environment in many ways;
"Higher motivation of physical movement, social engagement in simple easy challenges, verbal communication outcomes, goal based environment, sensory exposure, sheer delight and laughter, greater confidence and movement we have not seen before".

The charge for persons with a is $15.00 per person for 1 hour of play, add a movie ride in it’s an extra $2.50.

  • Café available
  • Wheelchair and disabled access parking
  • Bus parking and drop off right at the front door
  • Disability toilet
  • Airconditioned
  • Safe away from busy public traffic areas

Eight Lanes of Glory - Slot Cars

Eight lanes of glory . . .

. . . . eight lanes of blissful adrenaline surging speed . . . . wild intense crashes . . . . rushing to repair the damages . . . . winning by a fender.  Imagine the petrol fumes, the roaring, cheering crowds. The Simulation Centre now offers amazing super fast slot cars.  What a thrill!!  A nostalgic experience on a 12 metre track, looping, twisting and turning back on itself, racing your friends and loved ones, turning them into fast enemies and opponents.

Come down to The Simulation Centre in Bibra Lake and you can race around our 12 by 3 metre slot car track, eight cars to choose from, or supply your own.  Track your lap times electronically and compare them with your opponents.  Maximize your speed on the straights and drift the corners, but don’t let your back end veer too wide or you’ll end up as twisted jagged metal.  Loosen up your trigger finger and experience a true racing venture at The Simulation Centre!!!

New Location - New Activities Coming

We have had a wonderful year hosting lots of kids birthday parties, and taking lots of enquiries for large corporate functions.  We are sorry that we haven't been able to accommodate everyone on the current site located in Canning Vale.  

Late last year we decided it was time to move so that we can start accommodating more kids birthday parties and large corporate functions.  We aim to be one of Western Australia's Ultimate Family Tourist Destinations like no other.

We are really excited to have found a new venue in Bibra Lake just off North Lake Road with easy access from Berrigan Drive and Farrington Street.  We aim to be operational in this new facility by  mid April 2017.

The new venue will accommodate approximately 260 guests, will have more activity for your ultimate fun day out.  Our new restaurant style cafe will also accomodate your taste buds and make for an awesome day out playing on activities we have on offer.

So be sure to keep in touch with us and book in your next fun day out early as this is going to be one exciting place to visit in the future.

We can't wait to be hosting more kids birthday parties Perth and more corporate events with some very cool activities being incorporated into the new facility.

We are still in operation at the Canning Vale for some time.  Book an activity with us on 6258 5935.

We look forward to seeing you on your next outing to The Simulation Centre.


Corporate Events

The Simulation Centre, Canning Vale is the destination for all your corporate function needs.
Team Building
Play Golf, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Zombie Dodgeball or Formula 1 car racing in one of the corporate challenge formats suggested by our staff to reveal your staff members’ qualities.
Staff Meeting/Training
Our boardroom comfortably seats 12, with white screen, flipboard chart and WIFI.
Product/Service Launch
Adjacent to our 4 metre big screen projector, our 150 metre squared floor space comfortably seats 45.
Client Entertainment
Our cafe has a full commercial kitchen for catering with menus to suit.
Work parties
Our fully stocked bar has stereo music and even a 9D Cinema.

Only 20 minutes from the City on Nicholson Road, Canning vale, with convenient access off Kwinana Freeway or Roe Highway, we have ample parking.
In our spacious indoor centre, it never rains, gets hot or cold and the sun never goes down.  We can meet your every corporate need in one multipurpose location.  For bookings please phone 6258 5935.


Dash For Cash - March Madness

We are excited to announce our Partnership with Mason Legg Racing.
2016 brings a big year for Mason Legg Racing.  Moving up a class to the Formula Ford from the Formula Vee, Mason will be testing his track skills on the race car simulators on a regular basis at The Simulation Centre in time for his season at Barbagallo Raceway.
Stay tuned for the big event with Mason Legg The Simulation Centre.
How are your V8 skills? In the month of March we are holding a race competition on the race car simulators – the Dash For Cash, March Madness.  Hire a race car simulator in the month of March. Race any V8@ Bathurst and win $100.00 cash for fastest lap time in March, 4 x 9D cinema tickets a FREE HORSE POWER check on your vehicle by Hyperdrive Motorsport. Also receive a FREE half price voucher off your next visit just for entering. Limited spots available and competition closes March 31st 2016.  Book now to secure your spot.
Simworx who designed and delivered the two motion race car simulators at The Simulation Centre continue to deliver outstanding race car simulators to the market place here and abroad.  Recently delivering to Perth a custom made SX02M V2 Motion Simulator with three x 55" Samsung Curved OLED Screens for a local man cave.   Can’t afford to buy the motion simulator why not hire one at The Simulation Centre.  Bookings are essential as these motion race car simulators are extremely popular.  Race a V8 around Barbagallo or Bathurst with many different cars and tracks to choose from you will be kept busy driving for hours.  Bookings can be made on 9494 2717.

The Best Kids Party Packages in Perth, Great Fun and Even Better Value

Here at The Simulation Centre we take great pride to ensure your child has the best birthday party possible.

Not only do all the children get full access to our range of facilities which includes a 9D cinema, Yes 9D, it allows the users to move with the film and also feel the effects of wind, water, fire, snow and much more.  Children absolutely love it!

The New Multi sports simulator- Each child can have a go at an array of sports such as;

Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Cricket, NFL and my absolute favourite, Zombie dodge ball (crazy fun)

Racing car simulators, both with full motion seats and force feedback steering. From full size V8 Supercars to GT Cars and Formula One cars.

Virtual Golf, where the children can compete against each other on world famous golf courses and play on the driving range with targets.

We also supply food and drink for each child.  Custom made invitations to hand out to your child’s guest and a present from us to the Birthday child.  Your next party at The Simulation Centre will be a party to remember.

Reasons to hold your next Corporate Event @ The Simulation Centre

There are many Reasons why you should be thinking about holding a corporate event/Team building activity/staff party at The Simulation Centre.  Here a just a few reasons.   Make sure you read to the end as the last reason is the most important. 


  1. Better communication between employees and management. This can improve office relationships and in turn, the quality of work done.
  2. It will Motivate employees, Team leadership and team building go hand in hand. The more comfortable your employees are to express their ideas and opinions, the more confident they will become. This will motivate them to take on new challenges.
  3. It Promotes creativity, Taking a team outside of an office setting and exposing them to new experiences will force them to think outside of their normal routine and maybe break comfort zones, a good trait to bring back to the work place.
  4. Breaks the barrier, Team building increases the trust factor with your employees. Often in corporate settings there is a disconnect between the leadership team and employees because the employees sense too large of a gap between the two. 
  5. Your event should be fun for your Employees, We have some amazing new crazy fun simulators and services, all included in our event packages not to mention a fully licensed bar;
  • Firstly, our golf simulator, where you can compete against each other on some of the world’s golf course.
  • Next, The New Multi sports simulator- try your hand at array of sports such as;
  • Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Cricket, NFL and my absolute favourite, Zombie dodge ball (crazy fun)
  • 9D cinema, Yes 9D, 9D animation movies is a Multi Dimensional Theatre involving an Unique & Patented Simulation Technology, It allows the users to move with the film and also feel the effects of wind, water, fire snow and much more.
  • Racing car simulators, both with full motion seats and force feedback steering. from full size V8 Supercars to GT Cars and Formula One cars, there is something here to please any race car enthusiast. These racing car simulators are the most extreme state of the art Motorsport Simulators that include professional quality racing controls (not the ones you find down the Arcade).
  • Pool table.

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