The Simulation Centre is the Ultimate Party Venue!  If there’s one place you want to host your party, it’s here! We have so many activities to try your kids just won’t stop! Our Party Packages have a minimum of 12 guests including birthday child. If you have less than 12 guests and would like to book a package on the weekend, we encourage you to book a Roaming session.



  • 45 minutes of play across the simulation activities including slot cars, sports simulators, racing car simulator and the amazing 9D Cinema (seats 9 people - 4 - 7 minute movie rides).

  • 45 minutes of indoor rock climbing, ninja and parkour: Our staff will offer to play a game in the ninja parkour area such as Lava or Zombies. Parkour skills will not be taught by party hosts.

  • Kick some balls, race a car, go for a ride in the 9D Cinema with wind, rain, snow and more (9D Cinema seats 9 people)

  • Climb some amazing walls, such as the Fireman's Ladder, Spaghetti, The Maze, The Plumbers Pipes, race your mates on the Speed Walls, make a jump from the leap of faith and more.

  • Party food after 90 minutes of playtime - Party pies, sausage rolls, chicken nuggets and hot chips included.

  • Juice box or water

  • Platters for parents are available to pre-order at an additional cost. Platter list available below to download.

  • A Host to co-ordinate your activities and invitations to download below.

  • 2 hour party in total - add an extra half hour for Ultimate Party.

  • Café available for parents to purchase food and drinks. Seating available in café for parents. There is no charge to parents supervising.

  • Once you have made your party booking, we will send you an email the Thursday before your party. You will need to submit the form back to us by Tuesday 5pm which will confirm your final numbers, allergies, additional items.

  • Birthday parties are only suitable for the birthday child turning 7 years or older. You can invite children 4 years and above as long as they are over 1 metre in height. If birthday child is turning 4, 5 or 6 years please see our NinjaWorx Party Package suitable for this age. 

  • Younger than 4 years of age are not able to free roam in the climbing, parkour, ninja area for safety reasons. Please ensure they are cared for in the café by a relative. We do not offer activities in the café for these children, please keep in mind they may become restless whilst waiting.

  • Parent assistance is required in the climbing area if your child is under 13 years of age.

  • Upgrade your party to the Ultimate Party by adding on an extra 30 minutes in The Gamers Den - at $5.00 per person.  Your party will move into The Gamers Den after food.  To upgrade your party please select our standard Birthday Party Package and then proceed to select the upgrade. (Please note The Gamers Den upgrade is only suitable for a maximum of 16 guests.

Bookings for parties can be made online below and deposit payment required of $100.00. Payment can be made online through Paypal or credit card. If you are paying by credit card please continue going through the paypal process as a guest until you see credit card option.

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Planning a party? We can help. Download and print out these invitations
for your next party with The Simulation Centre.

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