indoor rock climbing, safe and secure fun!


The Simulation Centre invites you to experience our 10+ brand new climbing walls for only $20 - 1.5 hours including parkour and ninja - it’s safe and secure fun!

$20.00 per person for 1.5 hours of indoor rock climbing including time in the parkour and ninja arena. Click here for detailed pricing information!

  • Indoor rock climbing and parkour ninja sessions start on the hour.

  • Please ensure you are 10 minutes early to checkin at reception.

  • Safety briefings are essential for all persons participating.

  • Please wear closed in shoes with no open toes and either shorts or pants for harnessed attractions.

  • Auto belay system, no buddy required for roping however parent assistance is required if your child is under the age of 13 years to place harness on and locks in latches. For all participants under the age of 13 years will require a parent to remain in the climbing, parkour and ninja area at all times.

The Simulation Centre brings you the world's most innovative, advanced and safest indoor rock climbing walls, right here in Bibra Lake!  The Simulation Centre's climbing walls feature fail safe hydraulic auto belays which means no climbing buddy for roping is needed. 

Challenge yourself on our themed indoor rock climbing walls such as the Fireman's Ladder, Spaghetti, The Maze, The Rocket Ship, and the Leap of Faith and more.

We recommend a minimum age of 4 minimum of 15 kilograms and 1 metre in height for casual indoor rock climbing and parkour ninja and all other attractions 7 years and over.  Maximum kilograms is 114 kg.  Adults are more than welcome to climb.

Younger than 4 years of age are not able to free roam in the climbing, parkour, ninja area for safety reasons. Please ensure they are cared for in the café by a relative. We do not offer activities in the café, please keep in mind they may become restless whilst waiting.

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