Parkour is an attitude and training method for movement through any environment at speed. The concept is to overcome all physical and mental obstacles in your path by using your body and mind to run, climb, jump and vault.


The Parkour Arena

The Parkour Arena has been professionally designed by Professional Parkour Instructors to reflect true parkour movements.  The environment is forever changing and allows you to bring out your imaginative play.

We are happy to move obstacles in the Parkour Arena to suit your desire however, the large boxes cannot be moved.  It's all up to your imagination and creative play on how you move, run, jump and vault in the Parkour Arena. 

Open to the public Tuesday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday except during class times when it is closed to the public. 

A 2 hour run is charged at $10.00 per person.  Please note adult supervision is required at these times.  Should your child be struggling with movements we suggest booking them into one of our Parkour Classes.


The Parkour Classes are run by experienced and knowledgeable practitioners, who can teach you how to train safely in any environment.  

Classes cover all the basic techniques and philosophy behind Parkour to help you on your journey, while having fun and keeping fit.

Find your passion for Parkour by joining in classes, workshops and other training sessions held weekly at The Simulation Centre. 

Classes available - Thursday, Saturday, School Holidays Sessions

Classes are limited to 15 participants.  Book in early to avoid missing out!

The Simulation Centre uses trainers qualified by The Australian Parkour Association.

You can register online or over the phone on 9494 2717 or send us an email to

Coach: Matt Dewson

Matt has spent the last 5 years exploring different movement styles like handstands, Capoeira, gymnastics, strength training, and flexibility, which all inform his current Parkour practice.  He believes that Parkour is for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or ability level and is passionate about sharing the positive physical and mental benefits of the art.  Those who train with Matt will come to enjoy his belief that training should be taken seriously, but never to take yourself seriously.