When trying to improve your game or take it to the next level, it is very important to understand how subtle changes can affect your overall play.  The benefit of having a lesson using our technology– we give you the most accurate ball and club measurements (ball speed, launch angle, swing path and club face angle at contact) in the industry today.

You’ll be really surprised how much you’ll learn about your own game!  We don’t lead you blind, our system accurately reflects every shot, improving your game quickly.

GLENN CARBON - teaching professional

As a player Glenn has won 12 state and 3 national titles.  His 14 professional titles include on the West Australian, Australian and Australasian Tours.  He had over 20 years in Golf WA teams, captaining junior and men’s teams and was twice unbeaten at number one in Western Australian teams that won the national title.  He was a member of the state and national elite training squads.

Glenn has the full range of expertise including swing technique, short game, on-course strategies, sports psychology, physical preparation, practice schedules and equipment.

For lesson prices with Glenn and to discuss your next lesson please contact us on 9494 2717.  M- 0408915651

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