indoor rock climbing AND BIRTHDAY PARTY FUN

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CASUAL indoor rock climbing

$18.50 per person for 1 hour of indoor rock climbing including time in the Parkour Arena.

  • Indoor rock climbing and parkour sessions start on the hour.
  • Please ensure you are 10 minutes early for the climb.
  • Please wear closed in shoes with no open toes and either shorts or pants for harnessed attractions.
  • Auto belay system, no buddy required for roping however parent assistance is required if your child is unable to put on the harness and lock in the latches on their own.

We recommend a minimum age of 4 for casual indoor rock climbing and parkour and all other attractions 7 years and over.

The Simulation Centre brings you the world's most innovative, advanced and safest indoor rock climbing walls.  The Simulation Centre's climbing walls feature fail safe hydraulic auto belays which means no climbing buddy for roping is needed. 

Challenge yourself on our themed indoor rock climbing walls such as the Fireman's Ladder, Spaghetti, The Maze, The Rocket Ship, and the Leap of Faith and more.

kids birthday PARTIES

If you are looking for the coolest idea for your kids birthday party, corporate event, team party, fundraiser, tournament, family reunion, team building event, lock-in, church group, graduation celebration and much more…….welcome to the coolest and safest indoor rock climbing experience.

Birthday Parties for Children

  • What you get:
  • 90 minutes of playtime in total
  • starting off with 45 minutes of indoor rock climbing; 
  • then moving into the Parkour Arena, for some obstacle fun with our party hosts;
  • and then onto some free play in the indoor rock climbing area or parkour arena to finish up; 
  • Climb some amazing walls, such as the Fireman's Ladder, Spaghetti, The Maze, The Plumbers Pipes, race your mates on the Speed Walls, make a jump from the leap of faith and more.
  • Challenge your friends to some jumping, climbing, rolling and vaulting like a monkey in the Parkour Arena.
  • Delicious food after 90 minutes of playtime - party pies, sausage rolls, chicken nuggets and hot chips
  • Juice box or water
  • Hosts to co-ordinate your activities
  • Invitations to download from website
  • 2 hour party in total

$30.00 per person - Minimum of 10 guests

FREE VIP Birthday Child Indoor Rock Climbing Training Session when you book a kids birthday party!

For any queries please contact us 9494 2717.



Planning a party? We can help. Download and print out these invitations for your next party with The Simulation Centre.

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