9D CINEMA - animated movie RIDES

WIND, RAIN, SNOW, BUBBLES, scary monsters, lightning, ticklers, fire, and more. Feel, smell, involve and fantasize with the movie as if its REAL.

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No session times are set for movies, however you must book. 

Upon arrival, you can select from one of our many movies for your family to enjoy.  Each movie is one ride.  

Movies run from 4 to 10 minutes each depending on the movie you choose. 

The types of movies are G rating to M rating:  Adventure Roller Coaster, Snow Battle, Turtle Tours, Canyon Coaster, Dinosaur Journey and more...

9D means wind, rain, snow, bubbles, scary monsters, lightning, fire, ticklers, massagers, and 8 to 12 degree seat movement in the 9D Cinema.

The ride isn't suitable if you are -  under 5 years of age, suffer from motion sickness, pregnant, epilepsy or back injury. 

The ultimate package deal for a minimum of 6 persons is $18 per person for 8 rides.  Grab a group of friends watch 8 movies today in the 9D Cinema.  Package deals are great for adults or kids birthday parties Perth.

Don’t forget if you are booking your 9D ride, why not book one of the multisport simulators, racing car simulators or golf simulators at the same time for your family to enjoy.

Bookings essential on 9494 2717.

View and download our full 9D movie list for 2017

Note:  There are two steps up onto the 9D Cinema machine, 2 wheelchair maximum to the room at any one time. Mobility impaired guests can sit in a chair to the side of the machine to experience the 9D Cinema limit 3.  Please note no guests with epilepsy allowed in the 9D Cinema.  T&C for entry apply.